Selfies for Self-Confidence not Self-Loathing

Circa '93 is when my love hate relationship with cameras began. See evidence below (yes I'm the one on the left). Don't get me wrong the 'love' is being the photographer - I absolutely love taking photos that make me smile,, but it has taken me 30 years to work on the 'hate' of being the one in the picture.

In today's millennia of vanity filled posts strife on social media sites globally available for anyone to see is there a saving grace for the selfie?

I just missed the craze of the selfie taking generation and have unto now considered them a vanity filled cry for desperate attention on the socials. A dire line between how many likes you get and how shitty you feel on the other side.

But is there an upside? I think there is! There are in fact positive ways of sharing your gorgeousness with the world that also uplift you and others.

Science has shown that taking selfies daily helps to boost your body confidence, growing positive self esteem and lowering insecurities.

Learning what angles work for you will make you find and cherish that beauty you may have forgotten existed. They help us to see ourselves from a different perspective.

You often take selfies when you are feeling and looking great, so having these available is a good way to capture these memories and remind yourself of those times you felt like a queen.

The line I think that is hardest to walk is the posting line. Exposing your selfies especially on the socials is admitting yourself and sharing a very raw sense of self to the world. Exposing your picture to judgmental criticism is very real and can create feelings of regret and inadequacy. Sharing in a safe container especially one filled with support and love from the community can be very confidence boosting.

As well as boosting your own bubble of self worth your smiling face is also out there sharing and encouraging others to smile!

Silly picture taking and sharing is an honest way of showing young and old their true beauty and self worth. So next time to see someone sharing a picture of their true self, give them a little love like, it's not always easy for some of us to post our faces around. And if you are brave or lacking in a little self confidence, try slowly building up your selfie library of times you are feeling great and when the time is right share one with your loved ones!

Happy wandering xx

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