Simple Ways to Feel More Spiritually Connected Everyday

Becoming more spiritually connected is more about personally healing and self improvement than practicing any one modality or participating in anything other than your daily routine.

When we open ourselves up to the world with love and acceptance and leave the ego at the door we begin to notice our connections to others and the energetic world begin to increase.

The following are a few ways to alter your day to day thoughts and actions so as to create a more harmonious connection with self therefore opening your upper chakras to allow the spiritual connection to develop and deepen.

Recognise there is something out there greater than self. Whether you are religious, follow a god or gods, accept we are all connected energetically, believe in ghosts/spirit guides/spirit, whatever, knowing and accepting there is something or someone out there looking out for our highest good makes us feel like a small dot in the entirety of the universe. It will make you feel more humble and blessed.

Practice compassion and help others when you can, this will not only make you feel good by helping another person without expecting anything in return, it will also create a chain reaction of love. Love is spread from one person to another. It takes just five seconds to make someones day. Listen, offer advise, help physically, smile, say thank you and if you are genuine you will feel all warm inside.

Meditate and quieten your mind for at least five minutes a day. This will release negative thoughts, it will calm and help you to connect with the divine. Meditation is your string to your spirit guides. Spiritual growth and connection will rapidly expand through the practice of meditating.

Be patient with self and others. Not only is patience a sign of compassion but being patient and allowing things to happen when they will will release a lot of tension and anxiety over not being in control. The Universe has a plan and things will proceed in the perfect time for your highest good and that of others.

Work with crystals, essential oils and herbs. Scent and the energetic vibration of crystals can instantly move you physically, mentally and spiritually into a state of inner peace. There are types that will open up your chakras to welcome spiritual connection and heart/crown connection. See the previous posts from this month sharing my favourites for spiritual connection.

Listening to your instinct and working on your 'Clair' abilities (we all have them) will assist your life in the most powerful way possible. Knowing intuitively what is good or bad for us will help us live a more healthy, fulfilled and happy life. Your gut instincts will get you out of a lot of bad situations, that little voice is there for a reason. We all have one or many clair abilities that act in the same manner. We can hear, sense, smell and know things without seeing/witnessing, this is our connection to spirit, we all have it and if you work towards allowing yourself to open up to your senses this is something that can be of great spiritual growth for you.

Forgiveness is essential for spiritual connection and growth. Holding onto the past and hard thoughts and emotions of things no longer in your control will make you sick and depressed. Forgive, release, let go and be lighter. Things happen for a reason, the trauma in our life makes us grow and become stronger, if you can't see the blessing from a situation it will grind you down and bring about fear, anger, regret and all the emotions relating to resentment.

Release judgement and try to see the positives in people. We often pick out the faults in people we see in ourselves. Try to see what works, what looks good, how good they do something or how kind they are and you will start to see these things in yourself. Judgement is purely a reflection of self. Envy and judgement will block all routes to spiritual advancement. Be open minded to that which questions are own morals and values, this is the beauty of different cultures.

Admit your mistakes and take ownership of your actions and thoughts. Saying you'll do something is a lot different then actually doing it, this is true of your thoughts also. Stay true to who you are and if you make a mistake own up to it. Be truthful to self and others and you will keep your chakras open to the energetic connections.

Show gratitude and want the best for everyone and everything. If you focus on the good it will manifest into your life. Want the best for yourself and others, this will make you more kind, compassionate and open to the flow of life. Trust the good will come to you in the right time and be happy for others if they are blessed - don't get jealous. Start a journal of a few things you are grateful for everyday as this will help you reflect on all the little things you should be grateful for each day without focusing on any of the bad.

Self love practices such as exercise, yoga, eating well, positive thoughts, self appreciation and allowing time to do you will bring more happiness and positivism into your life. Healing the self will create joy in your life and once the heart chakra opens you will begin to see connections with other people and things grow more easily and with pure intentions. Your spiritual connection will come easier and with grace when the heart and crown are open and joyful.

Remember this is a personal journey and nothing someone else does is going to have the exact same effect on you and your journey. Take gentle steps and don't be too harsh on yourself for not being perfect. Spiritual connection is a great mystery to many, having faith and trust that there is something there is what keeps us sane and hopeful.

Be authentic to who you are and the rest will follow

Vanessa xx

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