Skinny Jeans Body Wrap

This week's Therapy Thursday is something I haven't shared before, it's a body wrap recipe by My Awesome Beauty. This Tight Skin, Skinny Jeans Body Wrap is said to pull impurities from the skin and help with water retention to take cms off your body. Use clay in very thin layers.

Ingredients 1 cup bentonite clay powder 2 cups of green tea (or water) Optional - 2 drops of diuretic essential oil (cypress, fennel, grapefruit)

Method Mix everything together - make sure not to use anything metal as it will deactivate the bentonite clay. To use - 1. Exfoliate 2. Wrap - spread even thin layer of mixture over area and then cover with glad wrap to keep warm. Don't wrap too tightly. 3. Sweat it out and relax for an hour. 4. Remove wrap and shower in room temp water 5. Moisturize

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