Some Powerful Crystals to Effortlessly Get You Out of Your Funk

Ok so we know the feels, over worked and underpaid, deadlines to meet, kids have hurt themselves, relationships on the rocks, interviews, jealousy etc etc. All the things. Life today is HARD! Easily we can fall into one or more of the dreaded 3 - Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Often accompanying each other.

There are in fact crystals from deep down in the ground that can help perk us up and hold our hands when we are feeling a bit low. Carry these crystals on you for battling these emotions.

Commonly with work, families and hobbies to take care of we are doing too much at once. These stones can assist with a full calendar and keeping us balanced with an over loaded schedule - beryl, imperial topaz, rhodochrosite and rhodonite.

Worry about ourselves or others can be aided with - celestite, muscovite, picasso marble and tigers eye.

Dreaded depression. When we are in the funk reach for these pretties to help carry the weight - black opal, coral, garnet, jet, kunzite, lapis, lepidolite, sapphire, smoky quartz and tourminalated quartz.

Post op depression - danburite.

Feeling an anxiety attack coming on reach for - aquamarine, aventurine, azurite, malachite, calcite, chrysoprase, citrine, green moss agate or labradorite.

If it's sprung on you these crystals are great at calming anxiety - picasso marble, rhodonite and schorl.

Done it all? Lost control? Complete burn out requires something major, reach for the fire opal now!

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