Step by Step Crystal Elixirs

It's Therapy Thursday and today I am sharing a great way to use your crystals for a specific purpose. It is called an elixir and there are two methods. The following is a step by step by the Ascension Kitchen. Please note Method 2 MUST be used for any toxic crystals - you don't want to be directly consuming anything bad for you. For Spiritual growth try quartz, moldavite, amethyst, tanzanite, azurite, petalite etc

Method 1 - Direct -First things first, select a crystal, choose one specific to your particular needs, rose quartz for self-love, amethyst for healing, or simply choose clear quartz and infuse it with an intention. -Cleanse the crystal, there are many ways to do this, the method I use is to simply hold it under running water, and visualise white light washing over it. All negative and old energies will simply wash away. -Place your crystal in a glass vessel, and pour spring water over it. -Leave the vessel out in the sun to receive solar energy throughout the day, or under the moonlight for luna energy. -Strain the liquid – as it may have collected debris such as leaves or twigs, through a paper filter, direct into a large glass bottle. Keep going until it is two thirds full, then add one third vodka or brandy as a preservative. Remember – water is the perfect medium for bacteria to grow, so this part is essential. -Label and date your large bottle as the ‘Mother’ elixir. -Fill a smaller glass dropper bottle with water, and add a dozen drops of the Mother elixir. Now you have a portable sized elixir to use throughout the day. Even though it only contains a small amount of the Mother, it is enough for the vibrational signature to transfer over to the new medium.

Method 2 - Indirect (For Toxic Stones) -If you are using anything other than quartz, then place your crystals in a glass jar, then place that within another vessel. I like to use a small jam jar, placed in a large glass mixing bowl. -Fill the bowl (not the smaller jar) with spring water, and, as above – set it outdoors to infuse. -From here, follow the steps as mentioned above to make your crystal elixir!

If you have poured some of the Mother into a smaller dropper bottle, you can take 4-5 drops of the essence on the tongue three times a day. You can take the elixir like this for up to a month

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