Tips for Staying Healthy Holistically

Holistic health looks to treat the entire person; mind, body and spirit. Staying well by incorporating a few holistic practices can be easier and often cheaper than you think. By keeping the focus on prevention and listening to your bodies needs there is less chance you will become unwell and treating any dis-ease in the body becomes easier and faster.

The following are simple ways to improve your lifestyle and to create a wholesome and holistic approach to wellness.

- Mindfulness - living a mindful life increases your awareness to your body's needs and allows you to become acutely aware of any changes or disharmony within your physical, mental or spiritual body. Managing stress in today's busy environment can be tricky but is necessary to live healthily. Practicing meditation and focusing on the awareness of your breath will lead to happiness and positive mental health.

- Positive Relationships - find your tribe. Being around others with the same mind set as you will help you stay on a positive track, both in making good life choices and keeping to your health goals. Being surrounded by similar people will also lead to less stress in your life and others to boost you up when you are feeling low.

- Clean Eating - incorporating super foods into most of your meals and cooking healthy meals at home will allow you to know what exactly you are putting into your body. Fueling your body with a healthy diet will increase your energy levels, increase antioxidants and nutrients allowing your body to strengthen it's immune system and decrease the chances of getting sick. Incorporating natural pro-biotics will boost your gut health and fight off infections from the inside.

- Personal Growth - be OK with changing your lifestyle. Be OK with not being perfect at everything you want to be. Allow yourself the time it takes to learn and make progress. Accept there is a shadow side of you. Accept there are things you cannot change and learn to love them. Self care is non optional, it is an essential part of being human. Loving yourself and nurturing your mind, body and soul will lead to a healthier life. Repressing emotions, memories and other shadow aspects will lead to disease in other forms throughout your body.

- Gratitude and Respect - living life from a grateful heart will help you see the good in all situations. Not every thing we are dealt is good and positive but learning from those times and seeing what lessons can be taken away and the push we may have needed or even just the re-direction of our journey can be seen with a thankful eye. Having respect for others and their own journeys is also a lesson to be learnt. Knowing that everyone is dealing with things in their own way and time frames will lead you to have a more open and compassionate heart.

- Be Active - obviously exercise is a necessary force to be reckoned with in living a more healthy lifestyle but it also boosts endorphins making you feel happier. Exercise also releases toxins and helps the body digest food. As well as increasing circulation, getting some fresh air will reduce stress and allow your mind to relax and reset. Find an activity you enjoy doing and it wont feel like a chore.

- Skincare - our skin is our biggest organ. Have you considered what type of skin products you are using and therefore putting into your bloodstream? Try to use products with natural ingredients and are unscented or incorporate naturally occurring essential oils. Have some fun with a little DIY pamper party and make your own products at home. Think about using ingredients that you would eat as it is in fact going to end up in your body.

- Holistic Remedies - when you do start to feel unwell think about using as many natural healing products as possible. Using nature based products are better for your body and won't lead to as many side effects as chemically formulated drugs. When it is necessary don't neglect the help modern medicine can provide. Make sure you get regular GP check ups with a doctor that supports the idea of holistic medicine and can guide you on the right path to healing using both natural and chemical drugs when required. Consider the many different ways to use holistic medicine such as herbal teas, salves, tinctures, oils, ointments, sprays and extracts.

I hope this post makes you more aware of ways to fight off disease and increase your body's natural immune system through simple tasks in your day to day life. Prevention is the key and living a holistic life on a mind, body and soul level will allow you to be happy and healthy simultaneously.

Vanessa xx

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