Upcoming Triple Eclipse

Beginning with the new moon this Friday we will be entering into a remarkable, rare lunar/solar eclipse period over the next 6 weeks. Normally an eclipse will roll over one solar and lunar cycle however we are about to witness a partial solar eclipse, followed by a lunar eclipse, followed by the opposing partial solar eclipse. On top of this we are experiencing a lot of mixed energies from the outrageous amounts of retrogrades happening at the moment including Mercury who just entered into shadow phase.

What does this mean and how will it affect you?

The first ball off the bat is the upcoming New Moon in Cancer, we will experience a partial solar eclipse. Obviously you can't see the new moon so there will be no big seeing event with this one. When the moon darkens the sun the new moon energy is much more intense. When the sun is conjunct the moon in astrology all possibilities are available to you which is why at the new moon we begin our cycle with setting new intentions and beginning the plans for future successes. Pluto may influence the energy this week creating some sort of crisis in your personal life. It's time to stand up for yourself and with a bit of letting go of controlling the situation, find your inner goddess warrior and put in the hard yards to find new ways of doing things.

The second event will be a total lunar eclipse at the next Full Moon in Aquarius on July 27/28th. This will be the longest lunar eclipse this century lasting almost an hour and a half. A lunar eclipse amplifies the energies of the full moon, which will be greatly influenced by Mars this cycle. It may appear reddish in colour from the reflection of the Earth's atmosphere. Whilst the previous solar eclipse energy will still be hovering around, Mars will cause us to feel brave, but also irrationally emotional. Stay on top of your brash emotions and stop to think before you act. Try some relaxing activities or when you begin to feel irritable take to using your energy in a more constructive manor than lashing out at someone.

Finally on August 11th we will end the phase with another partial solar eclipse when we experience the next New Moon in Leo. Leo helps us express our passion and kicks our butts when we need a little extra motivation. This may not be what we are feeling like doing while still under the influence of the past moon cycles. Remember to get your emotions in check and use this helping force to review or continue building on our goals. Mercury is still in Retrograde so keep revising all communications.

Moonstone, labradorite and selenite are great crystals to have with you during this crazy energy season, keep your cool and harness these astrological powers to your manifestation advantage.

Happy wandering

Vanessa xx

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