What Crystals do you use for Sexy Time?

If you haven't already, you need to jump on the band wagon for using crystals for sexy time. For realz. These babies are like sacral chakra healers/boosters/assistants and just to make you feel good about yourself again.

Life forces sexual desire to come second (pun intended) sometimes when we get into busy ruts, or we just don't feel like we look as good as we used to or we think our partners don't want us or maybe we have just lost the spark that we had originally when our relationships first began.

I give you the crystals below. For healing different areas. As these are crystals for mostly bedtime rituals, they can be carried all day in your pocket or bra, you can create grids on the bedside tables, or if you are up to it could even use these stones to create a grid in the whole room to really amplify the energy.

Thulite is THE crystal for pleasure.

If it has been a while or maybe it's a brand new relationship, orange calcite is the stone to overcome shyness.

To release emotional baggage, maybe from past relationships of if life has got in the way of your closest relationship carry some aquamarine.

Building up to the pleasure the aphrodisiac crystal powerhouses are orange calcite and rubellite.

To release passion carry or grid with red jade, fire opal, gold, pink sapphire, tangerine quartz, or zincite.

Boost sexual energy with fire agate and the rare padparadscha sapphire.

If it's sexual intimacy in your relationship you are searching for red calcite is your go to stone.

Any sexual issues? Try any of the following or a combination; cinnabar, dioptase, red jasper, scepter quartz, ruby, orange sapphire, wulfenite, zincite.

Looking for commitment or to enhance the closeness of your relationship use pyrite.

And last but not least if you need help boosting and holding onto that deep relationship love almandine garnet is your best friend.

Vanessa xx

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