What Herbs and EO can be Your Secret Weapons on the Road to Sobriety?

Nature provides us with some extremely effective medicines that are not only cheap but super effective at doing what they do best - heal us holistically with natural, chemical free plant medicine.

Not all herbs and essential oils are safe to consume internally so make sure to do the research or ask a professional before using anything you are not sure about (some are toxic). Our olfactory system is the fastest way to the brain and using this kind of medicine through smell alone can lead to major healing benefits without having to consume anything internally.

Also using skin safe herbs and oils can be absorbed through dabbing and roll-ons effectively and safely.

Coming out of any kind of addiction is extremely hard and on top of battling the needs and wants of dependence on the activity or substance there are often detoxing side effects our bodies need to go through in order to become clean.

A major issue in the beginning is over active sweat glands as we detox the substance from our bodies. To reduce sweating clary sage, sage and cypress are your answer.

Neutralizing toxic substances within the body can be done with the use of black pepper, fennel, frankincense, juniper or lavender. To neutralize substances that are closer to a poison you can consider using organic basil and thyme.

Once the toxic substances are neutralized in the body one must consider purifying the blood to protect the liver and kidneys from further damage. Herbs like birch, caraway, carrot seed, coriander, cumin, eucalyptus, juniper, lemon, parsley, rose and sage will assist with cleaning the blood to assist your body to run at top performance.

Not all addictions are substance abuse and not all sobriety journeys require you to heal the physical body, but all addictions are a form of mental and emotional need and desires that need to be met. This need will overtake any rational decision making in ones life and once that point is reached the actions of the addiction begin to become a problem and interfere with life's essential tasks. To create clarity and stimulation of the mind try the use of basil, cardamom, hyssop, marjoram, peppermint, rosemary or rosewood.

Remember that there are many ways to use herbs; in your meals, teas, incense, essential oil perfume, burners, bath soaks etc. Try to think outside the box and most of all enjoy adding holistic therapy into your routine.

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