What is Mercury Retrograde?

What is Mercury retrograde? As the planets in our solar system are orbiting the sun at different speeds they in turn pass or overtake each other. A planet goes retrograde as it passes Earth and appears to the eye to be slowing down, stopping or even going backwards. This process affects the energies here on Earth. Each planet governs a correspondence and Mercury just so happens to govern communication.  So three to four times a year as good ol' Merc takes a swing by us we tend to feel like the world is against us as we rely so much on technologies and communication these days we don't seem to know what  to do when these fail. This retro has a few more days to go until it enters the shadow period on the 15th of April.

You may find your computer files don't save, holiday plans fail or get disrupted, people say offensive things, mail goes missing, cars or machines breakdown... are you feeling me? I've had three of these happen this week and there's still time to go! So what is the best way to ride out a Mercury passing on the highway of our solar system?  Slow down and back up yourself of course! Revise! Everything! Don't sign any new contracts or start anything new if you can - if you have to, quadruple check all the fine print. Review all travel plans and have a plan b or expect delays.  Don't jump to conclusions! Pause and think before speaking, a lot of unnecessary disputes arise in this time. Track your mail! Our postal system is communication on roids so bound to be disrupted. Save everything on your digital devices! And then save it again - and then check you saved it. Pause and reflect, take this time to slow down and have some me time. Reconnect with old friends, old memories, old hobbies.. Spend some time being creative, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Just remember everyone is as confused as you so go slow, don't take it personally and be flexible. Enjoy the planetary chaos! With an extra sprinkle of Mercury glitter! ​Happy wandering x

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