What is Spiritual Health?

You often hear the three words mind, body and spirit together but have you ever stopped to consider what actually is spiritual health? Mind obviously is emotions and thought processes, body is the physical but what constitutes spiritual health and how do you improve it and prevent spiritual blocks?

Spirituality is possibly one of the widest and hardest "things" to define and conceptualize. We all have some kind of spiritual link and ability, even if it's just a gut instinct you had one time. It doesn't mean you have to be religious in any way although if you are it's more than OK. We each perceive our connection and purpose here on Earth in different ways. Our spiritual health is basically our ability to give and receive love and compassion and finding a connection with the Universe and everything around us.

One thing is for sure though, when we have a high degree of spiritual health and well being our emotional and physical health is also performing at peak levels. Finding or searching for our purpose here can have beautiful effects in every aspect of our lives.

Some ways to work on improving your spiritual health and belief;

*Be grateful and see blessings when they are presented to you

*Spend some time just being in a quiet place

*Find a connection with nature

*Travel and experience other cultures

*Be open to receiving signs and messages from the Universe

*Allow yourself to express your true emotions and thoughts

*Develop the capacity to forgive

*Listen to your body and thoughts

*Find your true essence and purpose

*Share love and compassion with all living things

*Trust everything is happening for your highest good

We are all brought up under different influences and circumstances, thus we have our own belief systems and values ingrained in who we are. However we are all capable of experiencing spiritual growth and well being.

Try a few or all of these simple steps to a better life balance.

Much Munay


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