Wheel of the Year and Pagan Holidays

So what's the big deal about celebrating pagan holidays in today's modern world?

You may see I always post year of the wheel blessings when they come around.. What's the point? Am I a practicing pagan?

Well the answer is yes but no and kind of. I am a child and nurturer of Mother Earth, I show gratitude to her daily, I work as a Shamanic practitioner and energy healer. I work with jewels of the Earth and grow food and medicine in the dirt. So what then? No I don't sacrifice humans and other animals in full moon rituals and paint the blood on my face. I do however take a moment on every sabbatical date to stop, pause and reflect and show gratitude for this beautiful landscape we call home.

Why? Because the wheel of the year celebrates eight cycles of the seasonal changes of the Earth. Yes that's it. Without all the murder, pagans celebrate the changes to weather patterns echoing life, death and rebirth of the God and fertility of the Goddess (whom I refer to as Spirit and Gaia).

So what are the holidays? I live in the southern hemisphere so I will list to coincide with here, the northern hemisphere will be celebrating the opposite holiday.

February 2 - Lammas - The first harvest of the year. Grain crops are sacred now.

March 21 - Mabon (Autumn Equinox) - The second harvest (thanksgiving), appreciation of home and family. Food is prepared for storage.

April 30 - Samhain - Also known as Halloween, is known as the time of reflection. This time of year is also when the veil is thinnest between the worlds of living and dead.

June 21 - Yule (Winter Solstice) - The shortest day and longest night. This day marks the return of the sun.

August 1 - Imbolc - The beginning, awakening of the goddess. A time to prepare for spring.

September 21 - Ostara (Spring Equinox) - New life, a time to create. A time to celebrate being alive.

October 31 - Beltaine - A spring fertility festival. A time to celebrate lovers and the beginning of Summer.

December 21 - Litha (Summer Solstice) - The longest day and shortest night. The powers of nature are at their fullest. A time for joy and light.

Well I hope this clarifies for you now exactly what each holiday is all about. It's about the earth and loving and nurturing where we come from and what helps us survive.

Happy wandering


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