Which Crystals Will Help You Manifest Great Abundance On All Levels

I love crystals, we all know this, but I especially love crystals used for prosperity and abundance. There are a few I consider my favourites (I will share them below), but in general there are some guidelines to follow when selecting stones to boost your prosperity.

Abundance and prosperity are aligned with the correspondence of the colours yellow and green. Just think money and the sun. Green and yellow. Typically, although not so much anymore, money has been worldly known to be green and the sun will make things grow and provides life, yellow. So therefore if you stick to most yellow and green crystals you will be fine in thinking they will help you grow in abundance. Abundance not only refers to money, it represents growing every area in our lives that make us happy and joyous, family, friends, money, possessions, health, true happiness etc. Most of these stones will also correspond to the heart and solar plexus chakras providing a gentle energetic shift to promote love, courage and self confidence to reach goals.

The best way to work with crystals for abundance are crystal grids (with the intention to grow this area of your life), in your pocket so you are vibrating at that level, in your wallet to attract wealth and in a cash register or similar. But not all prosperity stones are green and yellow.

My favourite crystals to use for abundance and prosperity and or luck are as follows;

Cinnabar - known as the merchants stone, cinnabar is said to attract wealth, business and financial pursuits.

Citrine - this money stone brings abundance and wealth. Good for problem solving creativity and new beginnings. (also known to sell houses)

Spessartine and Grossular Garnet - both known to assist manifestation and abundance in a big way. Both lower chakra stones they will boost creativity, problem solving and gratitude for others.

Jade - a heart stone Jade is a crystal to help you reach goals and dreams with compassion and longevity. A revered crystal in China, Jade is considered a stone of luck and love.

Yellow Fluorite - fluorite is a mind clearer, yellow fluorite makes it easy to make decisions around money, ideas and thoughts. See a clear path to your goals with this stone.

Emerald - a crystal for the heart that will remove blockages that are stopping you from reaching your goal and living an abundant life

Pyrite - known as 'fools gold' for it's appearance, it is a crystal for good luck and will help you manifest your dreams.

Epidote - will draw more prosperity and abundance into your life through luck and good fortune

Peridot - this crystal works as a prosperity and abundance stone on all levels as it connects on a deeper spiritual level, bringing what you want to all areas of your life

This is a great starting point if you want to try working with stones to attract more abundance into your life. Try keeping one in your wallet or pocket and see how things improve!

Vanessa xx

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