Why Is Chichen Itza So Famous During The Equinoxes?

The world UNESCO Heritage site and Wonder of the World, Chichen Itza is a Mayan ruin site in Mexico built 1000AD, where lays the pyramid of Kulkulcan or El Castillio, the Castle. The winged serpent God Quezalcoatl of the Aztecs lays his head at the base of this 79 foot pyramid which was built with astronomical accuracy.

Kulkulcan at that time was one of three main gods worshiped socially and religiously by the Mesoamerican people. He was said to guide the people and taught them how to cultivate and create medicines.

The Kulkulcan pyramid was constructed with precise accuracy for the Mayan calendar and rotation of the earth to the exact degree to catch the sun's demise on the spring and autumn equinoxes. As the sun sets on the day's of these two equinoxes the illusion of the shadows created down the 91 steps (each step representing one day in a yearly quarter) is of the serpent descending the side of the pyramid. The exact day of the equinox changes each year depending on the earth's tilt however will occur close to the 21st of March and September. The amazing site of the serpent can be seen within the week of the equinox, although major crowds still gather to witness this event on the 21st.

The people believed when the serpent god, Quezalcoatl, descends to the earth he brings forth blessings for a good harvest and health for them. The equinox dates were very important times of the year for the Mayans as it represents the planting and harvest of their crop seasons. The shedding of the snake also represents a rebirth and renewal.

The entire effect lasts about 45 mins max. It begins with the pyramid in full sun, as the sun lowers it creates a shadow effect on the corner of the pyramid. As the sun continues to lower the shadows create the visual effect of the snake slithering down as the light play of triangles heads to the base of the pyramid leaving only the sculpted head in the light until it is also taken by the darkness.

Visitors today travel from around the world to witness this amazing event. People are instructed to wear white to reflect the bad vibes and welcome the positive energy and light from the new sun into their life.

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