Wondering Which Crystals Will Help You on Your Self Love Journey?

Crystals are powerful healers and powerful support for thousands of reasons and needs, medically or physically, spiritually and mentally. Each crystal vibrates at a certain frequency. When they come into contact with your energy your cells will alter to vibrate at the crystal's dominant rate. This is how they alter our energy and support us on our healing journey. The type of crystal and it's make up will determine what work it will do and helps us categorize them, but to know precisely how a stone will help you you will have to work with it and determine for yourself. Everyone will react slightly different and crystal healing, much like any spiritual form of healing, is a very personal process and all crystals will have different effects and experiences for different people.

Self love is such a broad subject and covers everything from self acceptance, opening up to new love, setting boundaries, indulging, relaxing, taking care of yourself, making peace with past hurts and the list goes on.. The following are my favourite crystals associated with the self love journey.

Snowflake Obsidian - often not a crystal associated with self care, snowflake obsidian is the perfect stone for working with both our shadow and light. It will help us balance the energies and accept both our yin and yang. Without one we can not have the other. When you want to delve deep into your shadow self and work on acceptance, this is the crystal for you.

For unconditional spiritual and universal love you can work with amethyst, crazy lace agate, elbaite, pink banded agate, rhodonite, rose quartz or sugilite. These stones are all associated with the love you can wrap yourself in when you need to. They emit pure compassion and can assist in loving us when we feel we are unlovable or in need of a comforting hug.

Chrysoberyl will help you with self neglect and assist you to spend more time loving on yourself rather than everyone and everything else.

Chrysoprase is a crystal that helps you accept you as you are, you don't need to change the way you look, act and behave. You are beautiful!

Apache Tear releases negativity for us when we can't seem to ourselves. This includes self talk and the invasion of others unwanted opinions.

Rhodochrosite is a very pretty stone used to help us gently heal old heart hurts. This may include past relationships, childhood trauma, physical accidents etc. This crystal is your best friend and will comfort you while you release and heal from these experiences that have made you the strong person you are today.

Aventurine boosts our self confidence, strength and welcomes abundance in all forms. This little perk me up crystal will hold your hand when you need a bit of courage.

Tourmalinated Quartz is useful in allowing you to see clearly exactly what you want to let go of and helps you to set clear boundaries. Boundaries are necessary for growth, happiness and for healthy, flourishing relationships.

Kunzite is one of my favourite crystals. It is pure divine love. It helps us to cultivate unconditional love for self - the goal for all our self care practices.

Sunstone equals sun rays, happiness personal power, passion, willpower and motivation. All the goodness is wrapped up in this beauty! It just makes you want to be nothing but happy!

Carnelian and Orange Calcite help us to break old habits. They give us confidence and boost our creativity. They guide us towards mental focus and inspiration.

These are just my favourites. There are plenty more crystals for self love if these do not resonate with you. The key is to use a stone you are drawn to as your energy knows what it needs. To work with these crystals you can keep them on your person, in your pocket or bra, you can meditate with them for a few minutes each day or you can use them in your self care routine, such as water elixirs or in a bath (if they are safe). I hope you find more time for self care in your busy schedule and learn to love every inch of yourself!

Would love to learn what crystals you are using for self care if you are brave enough to share x

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