Energy healing when you can’t get to me! A powerful alternative when you wish to feel aligned and healthy all from home.


Allow the healing energy of Reiki to flow where it needs to go.

Full Usui Reiki and crystal healing session completed via distance. Whole body energy healing and chakra balance to remove energy blocks and to stabilize your body’s energy centers. These sessions will leave you feeling centered and relaxed while your emotional and physical well being will be restored to a healthy balance.

A distance healing session is performed when the client and practitioner cannot be in the same space. All benefits of an in person healing session are received via a distance healing and sessions are performed exactly the same.

These are perfect for someone located in another physical location, to boost post surgery recovery or are suffering from an illness or disability that will not allow them to travel for a session.

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(You may organize a session time with Vanessa via email if you wish to receive your healing at a specific time or choose to allow her to send the Reiki energy to you through spirit’s guidance. The healing will be sent to you at the most appropriate time for your body to accept and rebalance.)