Medicine bags to fill with your most magical items


Handmade pocket-sized crystal medicine bag, perfect to carry your sacred tools during the day or whilst travelling.
These small drawstring bags keep your herbs, crystals and sacred objects on you, close to your heart or in your car, guiding and protecting when needed.

A pouch for your sacred objects, these medicine bags are handmade, lined inside and come together with a faux leather suede cord. Being small and light you are able to tuck these bags in your pocket, wear around your neck or handbag or hang it from your rearview mirror and allow the beautiful energies from your talismans protect you whilst driving.

Each bag comes with an intuitively chosen small crystal, handpicked by me from my own high quality collection.

Each bag is a unique, handcrafted design roughly measuring 10x5cm.

I do not offer refunds for my unique handmade products unless they are damaged during delivery.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 5 cm

1 Floral – Orange Cord, 2 Brown,Yllw,Pnk- Yellow Cord, 3 Purple Fern- Lght Yellow Cord, 4 Blue w/Stripes – Lght Yellow Cord, 5 Wood – Brown Cord, 6 Black and White Smudge- Black Cord, 7 Brown Plaid – Brown Cord, 8 White Floral – Yellow Cord, 9 Blue Ocean – Grey Cord, 10 Grey w/White Strokes – Black Cord