Linen pressed A5 handmade letter paper


6x Sheets of A5 Handmade, Recycled Paper With Envelopes

These unique, vintage inspired, recycled writing paper sets are created from household recycled paper waste.
Each set contains 6 sheets of paper and 6 envelopes (not recycled).

The paper is infused with gorgeous flecks of gold foil and botanicals (local leaves and flowers) that give it a charm of individuality and will add a touch of beauty to your letter writing. Each sheet is handmade with love and care and no two are identical, varying slightly in texture and thickness.

Because of it’s unique texture they may not be ideal for printing on with a home printer. There is two colour options, white (standard dry colour) and yellow (paper dipped into food dyed water during processing)

These sets are perfect for that special person who loves to be crafty as well as sustainable. You can use these sets for invitations, letter writing, scrapbooking, collages, notes and mixed media art (or anyway you wish)

*Please note that due to current circumstances delivery times around the world are all over the place, I will have your order in the post ASAP but once dispatched I cannot be held responsible for delivery times.

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Dimensions 10 × 7 cm