Root Cause Therapy Packages are designed to assist you in pushing past and overcoming many limiting beliefs and trapped or supressed emotions causing blocks and unwanted patterns in your life path. This package includes five one on one healing sessions.


Root Cause Therapy Packages are designed to assist you in pushing past and overcoming many limiting beliefs and trapped or supressed emotions causing blocks and unwanted patterns in your life path. This package includes five one on one healing sessions.


The first step is asking for help. It is the gateway for any healing to take place.

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, ptsd, addiction, trouble dealing with a life event, physical pain, not being happy in a relationship, plateau in career, lacking direction, grieving a loved one, having emotional blocks, lacking confidence, holding onto guilt, living in fear, etc…

However the issue has shown up into your life now there is always limiting beliefs behind it and trapped emotions causing these patterns to keep showing up and causing challenges and blocks for you. These limiting beliefs and trapped emotions come from past life experiences and whatever block is showing up for you is your body’s way of ‘protecting’ you from further harm. However the challenge and blocks themselves are the harm. It’s important to rectify this misunderstanding on a subconscious level and allow yourself to move past these blocks to live the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

What are some of the benefits of root cause therapy?
• Releasing the past and built up emotions
• More energy, sense of freedom and happiness
• Increased confidence and courage in yourself
• Handle reactions to other’s negative behavior and emotions more positively
• Sense of peace and fulfilment
• Understanding others and self
• Improved relationships and connection with people
• Improved communication with self and others
• Knowledge of why and how to be more conscious
• Increased energy and lease on life
• Significantly improve your life and those around you
• Have the tools and self-awareness to deal with negative emotion
• Discovering the purpose for your life and creating a plan to move forward
• Release patterns, behaviours and addictions that aren’t serving you
• Attract better relationships, circumstances and quality of life

During your sessions you are able to travel back in your timeline to heal and release trapped emotions and find learnings from these events to help you move forward with your life today. You are always safe and your subconscious will only take you to events you are ready to heal from (the root event may not be what you think it is). Once most of the limiting beliefs are cleared it is then possible to travel into a future event and gain some clarity around your path and purpose.

Please read the Q&As below and let me know if you still have any questions or queries regarding this healing package.

Q&As and other info:

Please read all of this information completely before buying a root cause therapy package from my store. By making a purchase from Sacred Munay you acknowledge these terms and accept all policies.

When will my sessions be?
As soon as you book I will reach out to you to book in your first session. The first session is typically the longest so allow for a good two hours. Your session will be booked for the next available time on my schedule if that suits you, normally within the next week. This will change depending on how busy I am. Each consecutive session will be a week a part to allow your body to integrate and settle from the healing sessions. Please note you have to stay consciously aware during your sessions so don’t book them for a time when you think you may drift off to sleep in a relaxed state (ie at the end of a really busy and exhausting day for you).

How do I prepare for a session?
It is best that you are hydrated and bring water with you. Plan to be ready early for your session so you are not rushed and flustered. Have a think about what you want out of the session and let the me know so I can focus on what’s important for you. Write down any questions or any issues you have if you like and bring them into the session. Make sure you are alone or in a private space where you can be honest and open and not disturbed. Have a comfortable lounge chair or bed for you to relax upon during the healing part of the session.

How are the healing sessions conducted?
These sessions are done online via zoom. The sessions are a mixture of talking, meditation and forms of light trance (where you will still be conscious). The session starts with an assessment, from which we will be able to pinpoint what your highest priority is for you to release or feel better about at the time. We will then move into the healing work.

How will you feel after a healing session?
Normally you will feel tired and want to relax (healing hangover) so make sure there is nothing major scheduled for the rest of the day. It is similar to a detox so drink plenty of water and sleep as much as possible (listen to your body).
Emotionally you may feel up and down due to the releasing of pent up emotions, also your belief system will be shaken up through realisations that you have been holding onto, possibly for decades, so be kind to yourself during this time of integration.

Returns and Legal Notes:
Note this is a healing session package delivered online, nothing physical will be shipped to you and you wont have to leave the home.

What is the return policy?
I do not accept returns or refunds. If you wish to swap your session for a different one please let me know as soon as possible. If you wish to change the time of your appointment I need more than 24hrs notice. It is important to carry on all sessions as things will shift and clear along the way. Once most of your limiting beliefs and emotional baggage has been cleared it is possible to do a future healing session where you can travel to a future event.

Legal Disclaimer:
PLEASE NOTE – Root cause therapy is a complimentary and alternative healing therapy. It is in no way intended to replace any medical advice, medications or procedures. Alternative healing practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Alternative healing does not take the place of any kind of medical care. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional right away for any physical or psychological ailment that you may have.
By purchasing from Sacred Munay you acknowledge that I am not responsible for any response or information that you receive or do not receive, and you agree to hold Sacred Munay harmless from any loss, harm, injury or damage resulting from or arising out of your contact with Sacred Munay.

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