"Reiki is love,

love is wholeness,

wholeness is balance,

balance is well being,

well being is freedom from disease."

(Dr Mikao Usui)

What the hell is Reiki and why do you need it?

Energy flows through all living things, this is the Universal Life Force and that which connects us all. Reiki is a hands on form of gentle, holistic healing which channels this life force through practitioner to client. 

We all have a vibration to our energy field, the higher the vibration the happier we are. Daily stresses, trauma, shock, negative thoughts and emotions all contribute to lowering our personal vibrations which will lead to disease in the physical body. These negative influences create stagnant energy blockages in our energy circulation and will make you feel stuck, flat, low and unwell.


The Reiki practitioner channels this life force with the intention of pure love to the client. The greatest healing benefit of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation, this allows the flow of energy to go unheeded to where it is really needed within the body to heal and clear the energy blockages thus creating a balance and harmony to the field.

When all of our chakras are clear, open and spinning correctly all aspects of our being are working together in harmony, creating a happy, healthy mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is a non invasive treatment and is safe to use as a complementary therapy alongside common medical practices. It is also beneficial before and after treatments and surgeries as it accelerates the bodies self healing abilities. Other benefits of Reiki include but are certainly not limited to; stress relief, relaxation, better sleep, helps with headaches, asthma and eczema, helps with pain and healing of the body, immune system, better oxygen circulation, vibration raising, personal and spiritual growth, chakra blockages, mental sharpness, self empowerment, depression and anxiety, balancing all energy throughout the body and much more.

Reiki energy healing is not limited by time and space and can be performed via a distance session. You can receive the benefits from a treatment any where in the world or from the comfort of your home. In some cases the energy connection can be felt even stronger than in person during a distance healing session. 

"If you want to book a distant healing session use the same Book Online tab above and be sure to select the Distant Reiki Healing Session."

Vanessa is certified as a Master Usui Reiki practitioner. The voice is a strong tool to use in healing sessions and Vanessa likes to connect to the energy source with the use of Kotodamas (sacred sounds). Just in case you were wondering why she was singing in your session... 

Everyone can benefit from Reiki so go ahead and click the Book Online tab above and schedule in some me time for yourself and get those chakras spinning towards positive life changes.

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