Sound Bath

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Berthold Auerbach

Sound is an energy sometimes forgotten when we think of healing techniques. It carries a significant vibrational frequency which corresponds and correlates to our own body's frequency, in particular it can affect our Chakras. 

Each of our Chakras corresponds to a certain subtle energy and frequency level. We can use a multitude of healing techniques that match each of these frequencies allowing us to correct the imbalance in the energy body. Sound is a powerful tool in this capacity. The use of our voice and tools to create harmony which in turn can heal another human or space is a very magical capability.

You will often hear chants and mantras in within the spiritual community, in the same way people use sound to connect to Spirit, we can use sound to kick start our ethereal body.

Sound can jolt our Chakra to the correct vibrational frequency and help to clear debris from their vortex of energy

The tuning pipes I use in my healing sessions are tuned to the Sharp frequency or Pythagorean scale. There are five pipes which correspond to the keynote of each of the ancient, traditional Hindu Chakra centers.


Sacred Chalice - Root Chakra

Dan Tien- Power Center

Higher Heart

Brain Stem 

Higher Brain Centers

The sound from these pipes creates the absent link between the basic frequencies of life and our Chakras. Sound Baths are a quick and effective way to give your physical and ethereal body an alignment and re-tune. Once our Chakras are clean, open and spinning correctly our health in our physical body improves. 

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