Space Cleansing

"Cleanse this space, remove the past, I've found my happiness at long last. Fill this space with joy and love, send your blessings from above."

Witches Cauldron

Keeping your space, whether at home or work, clean and clear of dense energy can sometimes be a big effort if you don't have the time or are not sure what you are doing. 

There are literally thousands of options to use in terms of herbs for cleansing a space for any purpose or specific need. All herbs carry their own abilities and correspondences to healing and energy. Whatever you are trying to manifest or whatever type of energy you are trying to bring into a space there will be a herb to do that. The most commonly used in society and easily found in shops is white sage.

The word sage actually comes from 'salvere' which translates to 'to be saved'. Ceremoniously sage has been used for centuries by Shaman, medicine men and women, hierarchy and other forms of healing personas. Typically one is cleansed by a shaman at the beginning and sometimes end of a session to clear and cleanse the body and aura of any unwanted or needed energy, thoughts, spirits, and to open us up to the higher realms in preparation for ritual or healing. 

Sage is the most commonly used herb for smudging a space for it's ability to remove dense or unwanted energy. As well as being used to remove energies from past spirits, trauma, emotions, visitors etc, sage has other healing abilities when used on a regular basis. It contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which assist in removing and destroying harmful viruses, airborne infectious disease and fungi from the air. Burning this herb is also thought to release negative ions which will help cleanse the air of allergens such as pollen and dust. 

Everything and everyone carry energy. Sometimes the denser the energy the easier it is to stick to something. Smudging is a beneficial tool to remove these energies from objects, technological devices, people, plants etc. 

A great time to smudge is upon the purchase of a new item or property especially if it belonged to another person, the beginning of a healing session, after or before people are in your space and upon illness.

Smudging will remove the previous energy before it settles in your living or work space. Once this is done it is good to continue to drive out these dense energies from building up in your space by regular smudging (I like to do my home once a week).  

As well as smudging with herbs, other tools are beneficial to assist in space clearing. Crystals in particular can quickly and efficiently alter the energy in a space. Gridding with crystals can boost and keep an energy raised in an area. Sound is also a great tool to lift the vibration of a room.

You may be smudged before or after I perform an energy healing session. Normally my healing space is smudged before your arrival. This sacred ritual is a part of my practice. I always ask before smudging in case you do not want it however there are many beneficial physical, mental and spiritual benefits of this act.

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