Here’s the thing… I see it all the time. People in half assed, ‘comfortable’ lives… yeah it’s comfortable and if you see yourself here then that’s totally OK but the people I’m speaking to are the ones that underneath all of it. Underneath all of the surface everyday ‘face’ they put forward for the world to see is someone who truly wishes for more. And you know if this is you.

This is you if you have more than one day, more frequent days, when you WISH you had more. Maybe you’re on the manifestation path for more or maybe you just day dream about what ifs and one days.

But there’s a self sabotaging block you’re creating for yourself. I say self sabotaging but you are probably thinking it’s not you it’s THEM.


The people who you constantly seek VALIDATION or PERMISSION from.

Our internal voice says we can’t change this, can’t do this, can’t try this or step towards this because this person will be mad, this person will be worried about the price, this person will have to step up and do this for me, I won’t be able to do this anymore so this other person will have to do it for themselves for once… and so on and so on. Excuses around why you can’t chase your goals and why those goals will have to wait on the sidelines until you’re given permission, ONE DAY.

Here’s the thing. Most people don’t care. Really this is a fact. We spend our day worrying about what other people think and their constant judgements of us. To be REALLY honest most people are exactly like you. They think the same thing. Why? Because we project onto the world that which we are hiding from ourselves. That which we are too afraid to confront.

So that means that everyone else is also in their head actually not giving two F*CKS about what you are actually doing, creating or being in the world. People are just judging THEMSELVES through you.

permission and validation

We seek validation and permission to do the things we love out of internal FEARS about how our loved ones or associates are going to react or respond to our decisions. But its been said before and I’ll say it right here… those that truly care and support you won’t care what you want to do as long as you are happy, and true happiness comes from doing what you are called to do. To share with the world the person you were destined to become.

You don’t NEED validation or permission for that.

You don’t need anything for that apart from accepting it’s only your fears of the unknown holding you back. Once we step into our true calling everything else just works itself out. Everything else falls into place effortlessly because living life based on following your true calling and living in alignment creates a river of energy surrounding you, collecting all the little requirements for you to succeed along the way and pushes them downstream with ease for you as you float alongside.

And here’s the last thing. Unless living your authentic true self involves physically affecting someone else they shouldn’t have a problem with it. If they do it’s a control thing and you shouldn’t be there (I’m not getting into that here), or they have been taking advantage of you and will actually have to step up for once. The people that truly love and care about you will support your dreams and visions. Worrying about how your decisions are going to affect relationships with others is like admitting your friendships are based on you trying to live up to their standards, to be in the cool group you have to be a cool kid (even though it sucks the living soul out of you). F*ck them. Go find better people. Go find YOUR people. Living in that state, living from a place of alignment, also lifts you up to a higher level of human which will in turn gift them with the best version of you anyway.

You ONLY need permission and validation from ONE person and that’s YOU. Once you step into your true power and choose to start living life on your terms you’ll understand why thinking in the old way was utter BS. But we’ve learnt from a young age to ask permission for everything including even going to use the bathroom. How ridiculous.

So I ask you.. What are you seeking permission for? What are you subconsciously or consciously holding yourself back from changing, trying or delving into because you’ve been so worried about taking that first step? How can you take your ‘comfortable’ life and make it ‘uncomfortable’? Yes it’s going to be uncomfortable facing the fears of the unknown. But on the other side of those fears amazing things will happen. You’ll find JOY again. Joy doing all the little things. Where you were once daydreaming you’ll now find yourself living in the present, GROUNDED in your life. The life you’ve created on your terms. And you didn’t seek anyone’s permission or validation to create it. Look at you!

Happy wandering x

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