Tarot Readings

"Everything you see has it's roots in the unseen world."


Tarot and oracle readings assist you in communicating with your higher self and spiritual guides. They allow us to connect with the information we hold within. There are many different decks available on the market to help with whatever answers or direction you are needing in the present moment. 

Sometimes we just need someone or something to help us in tough times or a little guidance when we are faced with hard decisions in life. Or maybe you are looking to see what is coming up in the future and what you need to work on and other times we just need to feel like our spirit guides are out there somewhere and have our backs.

Two different readings are possible-

1. A question - One type of reading is when we have a particular question in mind we are struggling with or are after a little guidance in how to deal with a certain situation. It is very important to have just one question you want answered. If the question is double ended you will be left unsure as to what part of the question has been answered by your guides. So make sure if you are after an answer to keep your one question firmly in mind and be open to all incoming information.

2. Open ended - The other type of reading you can receive with tarot and oracle cards is an open reading where you would like some guidance in general/ all areas of life. You may just want some assurance you are headed in the right direction or where you need to focus your attention. 

Both types of readings can be carried out as a short 1-3 card or wide spread readings, depending on how much information or guidance you require. All cards come forth for you right at the present moment. Tarot readings are for your perception and interpretation only. Your higher self and spirit guides know the way you interpret things and will always present information to you in the right way, even though the answers are not always clear to us straight away they eventually will present to us in a moment when it all clicks and makes sense.

You can receive a tarot reading with Vanessa online anywhere in the world via email. You may request a quick, short reading or a full tarot spread. You may present your question if you feel comfortable doing so which will help me to interpret the information presented for you. If you would like a general reading please let me know as varying messages may come forward for you. 

Use the BOOK ONLINE tab above to order your Tarot reading with Sacred Munay. Please allow up to 24hrs for your reading. 

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