It just so happened that I named my business Sacred Munay after the Munay-Ki came into my life some years ago. I was lucky enough to learn the Munay-Ki Rites from a dear lady, Hetty, in the Sacred Valley of Peru whilst I was on a transformative stay. Hetty had received the rites from a local native Peruvian Shaman.

What are the Munay-Ki Rites?

The Munay-Ki are rites or initiations (similar to those of Reiki attunements) which can be learnt or passed on at any time or in any place. The Munay-Ki are the Rites of the Shaman’s path of the Q’ero nation, the descendants of the Inka, the indigenous people of the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru. Traditionally one must spend years in training before receiving these initiatory rites. However, with much destruction on the planet both on a conscious and sub-conscious level the Elders believe we are at a critical cross roads in human existence and that these rites need to be transmitted to as many people as possible.

​Do you feel the pain of the planet right now? There has been so much natural destruction caused from man and climate over the last ten years or more. Pachamama is crying out for our help! The Munay-Ki is your chance to deepen your connection to Gaia’s energy field and help raise the vibration of the population one person at a time.

munay ki rites

These rites empower us to step up and assume stewardship of the Earth and all creation. There are a total of 9 rites which are energetically transmitted from one person to another. These transmissions transform and upgrade your luminous field and heal past karmic wounds and genetic patterns.

“The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, Homo luminous.”

History of the rites

The rites themselves were brought back to the west by Dr Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist. He spent many years amongst the Shaman of the Amazon and was lucky enough to be gifted with these initiations. Originally these rites were gifted to the Q’ero shaman from luminous beings and were only transmitted from one shaman to another. The 9th and final rite was introduced only in 2006. Munay meaning love or eternal love and compassion, Ki meaning energy, the Munay-Ki are energies of love. ​Receiving these initiations will raise your vibration and by creating a deeper soul contract, your soul purpose will become clearer. They will create for you a deeper connection to the planet and all energetic beings above, around and below you.​

The rites

munay ki rites

The 9 rites are broken up into 3 categories;

Foundation rites

Lineage rites

Rites to Come

The Rites have four purposes. To enable you to see the invisible energy and spirit, to awaken the healer within you, the third grants energetic protection and lastly you will be connected to a long lineage of healers who will help and guide you to become a better person whilst healing the planet and it’s people.

There is one more rite, the 13th Rite, The Rite of the Womb. The Rite of the Womb comes from the women of the Amazon and was introduced by Villoldo’s wife, Marcela Lobos.

Receiving this rite is very powerful and heals any pain a woman carries from her female lineage. This can be sexual abuse, demeaning of feminine power, hysterectomies, regret over children/miscarriage/abortions etc. As you may presume this is a very powerful initiation. When a man receives the 13th rite he heals his feminine side; his relationship with maternal energy and and also Pachamama. Receiving this rite will also heal his partner’s womb.

The Rites are powerful attunements that should be passed on over a period of time, a weekend workshop or a few short sessions. If you’re sensitive to energy receiving them all at once can be very energetically overwhelming.

​If you are interested in receiving these rites or learning to pass them on yourself please get in touch with me. I both pass on and teach the Munay-Ki Rites to anyone wanting to receive them and am a registered Rite of the Womb healer. You can book a day to see me for this sacred initiation through my website or by email.

Happy wandering x